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Viking Dress in Jersey

As the Hobbit and LOTR are largely inspired by Nordic legends, I thought I'd put a Viking dress into my final collection. It's pretty much zero-waste too. I recently got an overlocker on eBay (Toyota SLR4D) and finally have it working properly (turns out the tension discs just needed wiping out)! And learning to work with jersey is one of my goals for my FMP, so I'm making this dress from either jersey or ponte knit (which I have to test sew because I haven't used it before and it's different). This dress took me about 4 hours to make including cutting. I'm reasonably pleased with it and I  will  be wearing it, even though it's a size 10 and I'm a 6. The Viking Dress on me (it's 2 sizes too big) Viking Dress on a size 14 mannequin (dress is 2 sizes too small) Viking Dress on the right size mannequin I suppose this answers how RTW fits pretty much everyone since jersey became the norm. Now, you may have noticed that

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