Week 3 of my Internship

15th December, Monday

Today I packed, shipped and processed two orders.
Following the trouble with the Stanhope dress, Libby thought it would be a good idea to try it without the chiffon insets, and have them as cutouts instead, so she asked me to remove one of them, which I did. I left my comments on a piece of paper pinned to dress. I think the pieces would need fuse tape on the seams, or else (as Jenny would suggest on Wednesday) block-fusing because the seam went wavy when I sewed it. Notches would also help with aligning things properly. I topstitched the shell to the lining, and Libby didn't notice that until Wednesday, which shows how discreet it was, even though I did it a bit roughly as this is turning out to be a toile-sample-dress.
Went home late, around 6:15ish
At Libby's request, I photoshopped the design sketches from the Design Wall to coloured and colourless versions with different-coloured variations. I made a PhotoShop pattern from photo of “jacquard” fabric and used it in one of the illustrations.
I  updated the inventory on our Pinstripes and Pearls account.
Gayle (on of Libby's freelance seamstresses) came in today with the jackets she had altered over the weekend for the lobby girls at Howard Kennedy.
Helped unpack samples-to-be for Libby to take to factories.
Tidied up.
Libby showed me how to make production dockets. These are sheets of information for the sample-makers and -cutters so that they know how many of a thing to make, which way up the fabrics go, where each fabric goes (if it's colour-blocked for example), what sizes to make, what notions are needed, and what goes on the care label. It also tells them what the fabric is, which factory is making it (them), when the docket was prepared, and the date the garments are required. Here is an example with things blurred out for confidentiality reasons:
production docket image
Libby is going on holiday on Thursday. She "confessed" this evening that her husband (who is Eton-educated! :) ) is whisking her away to Austria for a much-needed break (how sweet and romantic!). This means that I will be on my own from then until Monday. 

16th December, Tuesday

Libby wasn’t in today (a lot of errands and visits), but Emily (the PR lady) came and she was good company for me. That's such an important part of happy workplace, isn't it?
I draped and sketched LOTS of variations (Stanhope) and designs (SS15 top, and Stanhope). Emailed some to Libby. I can't show those here for confidentiality reasons.
Photoshopped Evelyn dress cutout to look more true-to-life as the colour wasn't right. This was done mainly with colour balance.
Used PS and Ai to make clothing labels with new logos for cutout shots. I'm not sure what these images are to be used for. Perhaps Libby wants to see which colour label would look best; she asked me to email the images to her, which I did.
I labelled the designs on the Design Wall so that everyone knows which design we are talking about and what to call them/
Before she went home, Emily realised that she would not see me again because she comes in on Tuesdays and I finish on Monday, so she gave me a hug! People certainly are friendly in this industry!
Before I went home I left lots of work in four organised piles on Libby's desk.

17th December, Wednesday

Libby had looked at my piles of work and said she loved my sketches. We never seem to get around to showing them to Jenny though.
Today I had some work to do on the two remaining jackets. I had to sew the under poppers on and take up the sleeves. I wanted to do this professionally and quickly so I looked it up on YouTube and found a video which helped and I bagged the sleeve linings. It was surprisingly quick and easy.
I packed the dresses and jackets clothes for the girls at Howard Kennedy. I had to remove all the temporary paper size tags from the dresses. We have the factory put these in instead of permanent size tags because it is more considerate of the clients' feelings, and we have to alter the clothes, so they won't match the standard size when they're finished anyway.
Look at the label inside LIBBY LONDON clothes:
MADE IN ENGLAND -- That's what I like to see!
Jenny came. I don’t think she likes me. Maybe that’s just her way, or maybe she feels threatened because I’ve been designing. She knows a lot about production and the technical side of it all. It's unusual to meet a designer who knows so much in that line. I wonder how she got to know so much? I'd like to learn it too.
We have a huge potential uniform order which could mean £400,000 pounds in turnover!
Libby and I went to deliver dresses and jackets to Howard Kennedy girls. They were pleased and looked nice in their new uniforms. They are much nicer than standard suits, and much less boring.
Libby gave me a huge list of things to do while she is away. I will be "in charge" for the rest of the week (mainly because I'll be the only one there), but she says to email her if I’m in the least doubt about anything.
One of the orders I sent yesterday had a corrected postcode and I thought I'd put the postcode onto the wrong parcel. I’m still in doubt about it, but it seemed to be alright when we checked the receipts and orders.
Today I answered the phone a few times.

18th December, Thursday

Libby is on holiday until Monday so I was the only one in the studio today.
Yesterday she gave me a huge to-do list:
  • Sew the lining to the zip in the remaining dress (as the seamstress evidently forgot to finish it) and ship it to her (had to find the address, checked with Libby by text).
  • Courier Evelyn and Westbury dresses to iHeart Studios (by phone to be sure of address)
  • Log-in to studio emails and use them
  • Call Mehmet and see if the Brompton and Laurel dresses are ready (they will be ready tomorrow so I will call again)
  • Change the Laurel cutout to black in PS (easy)
  • PS the Suzy skirt to yellow and also to navy
  • Shortlist 5 lining colours and zip colours for yellow Suzy skirt
  • Shrink-test yellow fabric (had 5% vertical shrink) and email photo to Libby
  • Made a production docket for Suzy skirts with a separate box each for the linings and outer fabrics (navy and yellow)
  • PRODUCTION DOCKET FOR SKIRTS (started today, finish on Monday when she’s back)
The things in capital letters are for after today for one reason or another. Everything else I got done with time to spare, so I spent the last hour or more sketching designs for AW15.
The man from across the corridor came and asked for his key which Libby was to have copied but didn’t have time. He asked me to phone Libby to find out about the key because I didn’t know anything about it and he needed it. He waited while I talked to Libby and told her that everything was fine. Libby wanted me to take down his mobile number which I did, and I took down his name (Abbey — he’s foreign, Greek or Spanish or something - I can't tell). Before he left he said, “You have a beautiful smile, by the way”, which made my day, even if he is middle-aged. :)
In the morning, one of our customers called and was audibly delighted with the Ottery dress! She loves it so much that she wants the black one! I was checking the stock list and she had to go, but said that she would fill out the form later. I thought we had run out of the Black size 16 Otteries, buy I found one in the suitcase.
On the way home I got some milk for the studio because the little we have left is on the turn, and I like to have a cup of tea at work.

19th December, Friday

I am bored stiff because I got everything I possibly could done from my to-do list yesterday and I've no instructions for today. I did some sketching.
Tried for ages to call Mehmet to see if the dresses were ready. Eventually got through and they were, so I booked courier.
The courier didn't come for hours. t got worried that I had missed something out when I booked him and that it hadn’t gone through, so I called Mehmet and he said that it had been picked up ages ago. About two hours after that it still hadn’t arrived so I contacted the courier company and the courier arrived just as I was finishing chatting with them.
There were some issues on the dresses, and I took photos and sent them to Libby.
In the last hour we got an order with next-day delivery. I marched it down to the Post Office and got there at the very last minute (ran across the pelican crossing -- and with my knee!). I paid for the postage with my card because Libby has taken hers with her. She owes me £8.45 and 49p for the milk.

The order was for the size 16 Ottery in Black (our last one!) so we will have to get some more in, especially if the other customer (from yesterday) still wants one.
When I got back I was so hot and sweaty from the rush that I had to take of my cardigan. I am so unfit!
I have got the wi-fi working on the printer too. Libby had thought it broken.

Again, I don't think I ought to post any photos from today for confidentiality reasons. Sorry.

Monday will be my last day. It doesn't feel as though I've been here very long. Overall I've enjoyed it, and tomorrow I'm going to get some sweets and Christmas cards for Libby and the people I've met who work for her. Maybe I should give a Christmas card to Mehmet and the Gang and Jock too, just to be nice...

Until Monday or Tuesday,

Best Wishes,


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