Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Progress on the Vortex Dress Toile

Today (after cycling to the shop to buy some things I need for London) I worked nearly non-stop on the toile. I noticed yesterday that the pattern had some issues, the chief of which I hope that I have now cleared up. The main issue was with the vortex, whose circles did not match where they ought to have done. If you would like to see what my pattern looks like, here is a screenshot (I do most of my pattern work on Illustrator now):
I will notch things when I've printed them - it's easier that way.
I will notch things when I've printed them - it's easier that way.
You may notice that I have not used much labelling. Well, it's just for me to use, and I can work out what everything is, so I didn't waste my short time on something unimportant. I have, however, colour coded the vortex patterns: pink for front, and blue for back. I'd have used a colour beginning with "f" for the front, but all that came to mind was "fuchsia" and this is close enough for my purposes.
This is the dress so far:
Vortex Dress Toile Front
Vortex Dress Toile SideVortex Dress Toile 3/4 viewVortex Dress Toile BackYes, they are supermarket carrier bags bursting out of the back of the dress. I would have used bags from a clothes shop, but one of the consequences of not buying clothes is that you don't get bags from such shops. Why are there bags bursting out, you ask? The dress is about the wastefulness of consumerism (yes, this is coming from a fashion student), so good things go in at the front, and rubbish comes out at the back.
Now I only have to make the real dress (and it's fabric), finish my boards, design book and sketchbook before Friday. And pack for London. No stress. 😳
Until next time,

The Vortex Dress

I have one week left on Module 9: Critical Studies. I have (hopefully, pending referencing) finished my essay, and have the rest of the week to concentrate on the practical side of the module: the dress.
Here is what I have so far:
Vortex Dress Front
Yes, that is a pin cushion on top of my mannequin. She is a pinhead and if you have an "adjustable" dress form, you will agree that they are rather stupid because they simply don't live up the idea. :s
Vortex Dress side frontIt will look different on the college mannequin (mine is the wrong size and shape) and this is only the toile. I want to make my own fabric from discarded clothes (like the my brother's trousers that have shrunk), but depending on time, I may have to use the fabric that is in my spare pannier basket (you can see it in the top photo).
As you can see, I am using Pattern Magic 2 for the vortex and wormhole. I hope that it will all stand up better when I finish it and use stiffer fabric. I think I'll also have to reduce the curves on some of the seams (as pinned above) because they look pointy and not curved as they are currently sewn.
I'll show you more when it's done.
Next Saturday I'm going to London to do my work placement with Libby London, concentrating on the pattern cutting aspects, as well as, I think, general day-to-day fashion business operations. I will blog about it, insofar as I am permitted. I also have to update my tutor every week.
To get to and from work I'll be hiring a Brompton folding bike. I'm going to be lodging with a lady in Hammersmith (incidentally, if you need to find a room, I recommend placing and ad on www.spareroom.co.uk). Yes, it is expensive to go to do work placement in London, but without work placements my degree will be worth nothing because everyone is getting degrees nowadays. It is, in a way, a big thing for me to do all this because I've never lived away from home before. I'm not scared though.
Oh! And after Christmas (only 4 weeks to go) I'll be doing some events with the Hull University Bike Hub at Hull College Park Street and Queen's Garden.
Speaking of the Bike Hub, apparently I had been riding around on a death trap. My handlebar stem was loose (just slightly) and missing the screw that was supposed to tighten it. But because I am a volunteer at the Bike Hub (in the Design department and not mechanics), they fixed it for me and I left safe, but with still a few issues to look into.
Well, must set the table for dinner now.
Until next time,
Sabrina :)