Module 8: Completed

There seems to be a recurring theme in our assignments. Let's call it the Cinderella principle. Essentially it means that you will definitely still be awake at midnight, and you'll still be run off your feet. On the night of Thursday 23rd October (actually, the morning of Friday 24th) I and the girls from my class were panicking on Facebook while frantically getting our work done. I got my sketchbook printed at home (thanks to my A3 printer) but still had to do my boards at college the next day. The others were worried about their essays (2000 words). And to top it off, class was to end at 3.45pm, one and a quarter hours earlier than last year. That's a fashion degree for you.
But, we got it done (albeit by 4pm-ish). My boards printed out double-sided at college and several images mysteriously disappeared from my mood board in the process, but at least they printed, and all in colour too! I personally think the boards are my best yet, and I even did an extra individual one for each outfit and one for the coat. Oh, wait! I haven't showed you them yet! Well, to save data on Blogger, I'll give you the link to my ArtsThread portfolio, and just show one here:
Mood board
I bought the fabric at Abakhan in Manchester when we went on a class trip to a jobs fair. I got it in the pay-by-weight section (the ground floor). It was for samples, but I will make myself some clothes from it. I have a wardrobe that makes some minimalists look extravagant -- I only have two tops!
I will get my grades within 3 weeks. I don't want to get my hopes up because level 5 is harder than level 4 so the grading will be tougher.
I'm still endeavouring to secure a work placement for December. I'll keep it all under my hat until it's confirmed because I don't want to temp fate! I feel a mix of excitement and worry at the moment. I need a work placement to pass that module.
In other news, I've volunteered to work at the Bike Hub in Hull University, and I start on Wednesday. I'll be able to tell you more about it afterwards, because I don't know exactly what we're doing yet. I start at 9am and we should be finished by 3pm, so I have to get up early that day as well as tomorrow (college).
As I have been too busy to cycle lately, I had a little crash into a garden wall on Saturday after a mini-roundabout. I only bruised my knee, and some kind people came to help and put my chain back on for me. (The world is a nice place after all!) It shook my confidence a bit, so I've been cycling a lot since then to get my confidence back. I did the mini-roundabout again today when I went to the bank for Mum. The lesson here: cycle every day you can!
So that has been my weekend. Thankfully, we did not start the next module until the following Tuesday, so we've been able to wind down from the stress of the last couple of weeks -- a rest we really needed! One of the girls in my class got ill from staying up too late every night working. One of the others plans to be insanely organised when she's doing her final major project. I think I'll have to be as well!
How has your month been so far?


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