Ode to Me-Made Jeans

I'm currently working on a pattern for shorts for some of the designs in my first women's wear collection of sewing pattern. I'm using the jeans block and started investigating the monobutt again (I want to be quite sure my pattern does not have that fitting issue, even if some people think jeans are supposed to have it). I came across this poem I wrote as part a response to this post ages ago. I thought you might get a smile out of it so I've copied it to here.
No more jeans that bind and twist,
Or other problems on the list.
I’ll make my own just as a like,
And Calvin Klein can take a hike.

Saggy legs will disappear,
Muffin-tops belong not here.
A contoured waistband I prefer,
I’ll draft my own, not be deterred.

My jeans will not drag on the floor,
My hems will rag and fray no more.
The pocket lining will be sweet,
As will the stitching on pockets-seat.

The monobutt has no place here,
I’ll have some jeans to suit my rear.
No skinny jeans that look like tights,
I’ll make my own and fit them right.

When I sit down, I’ll show no more,
Than could be seen when I stood before.
No sweat-shop labour in my clothes,
At ready-to-wear I’ll turn up my nose.

Custom-made, by me no less,
My me-made jeans will be my best.


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