The delights of starting your own indie pattern company

Yesterday I uploaded the Sailor Dress Pattern to Craftsy (as you can see on my new widget down the page), and I got an email this morning saying that I'd already had 7 "sales" (quotation marks because that pattern is free UPDATE: The pattern is now £2 to download). It's quite a thrill, you know, to get real results from my pattern making and designing. After that little success I think I can probably at least make some extra pocket money from having my own independent pattern company. While I'm in university I'll call it Student Designer to go with this blog. *I think I can do this!* : )

One of the great things about this is that I already have everything I need to start. Here's a photo of my "studio" (my room):

When I'm working with adult-sized patterns I have to borrow my brother's desk to extend mine. His is identical to mine except it's blue where mine is pink.

To store my rulers, I hang them on a curtain hook. The software I use is Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

To get things done I have to do to-do lists and not demand too much of myself. I'm going to have to do just one design for this project because, with the extra work of digitising, marketing, selling, writing sewing instructions and doing a photoshoot of the design, there is no way one person can do any more than one design in a six week module. I was rather overambitious before. : I will get all this done on time. I will.

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