Module 7 Begins: Independent Study

This module technically starts tomorrow, but Beth (our tutor) uploaded our module guide today to i-learn. We all have ideas about what we're going to do, and have been thinking ahead since we were told about it at the beginning of the last module. Basically, we get to make up our own brief. Mine is quite an ambitious one: pop-up sewing pattern company. I think I can do it, and I'm already a bit ahead because I developed the concept for my first pattern collection and collected the research images for my sketchbook on Tuesday night after I watched The Great British Sewing Bee.

The concept is The Secret Garden Tea Party. I want to make a collection of 3-5 patterns sized for little girls aged 3-6 years old. I know it's not a large age range, but I've only six weeks on this module, counting Easter break.

I've written my brief now so I'll take it to my tutor tomorrow.

I've just been looking at our Development Diary brief. We have to keep an A5 diary/journal and document all of our progress including: photographs, design sketches, illustrations, colour samples, fabric swatches, and stuff about any trips we make as part of our project. It sounds a lot when you think of it all at once! And all of that has a word limit of 3000, with leeway of 10% either way (careful word-counting will need to be done as I go along).

The "learning outcomes" are the grading criteria. Each module had different ones, and each brief within the module may have different ones. The Development diary brief requires that we use the skills we've learned so far in a "range of media to articulate ideas and concepts within the independently-conceived and generated, tutor approved fashion and clothing design project", mesh different inspirations etc. into the design project, and relate our design projects historically or contextually (to make sure we make good use of what we learned in module 5: Historical and Contextual Studies).

The other part of the module is the practical one: design or make. Of course, I'm technically going for both. So I need to make:

  • a research file
  • an A3 sketchbook: 10+ pages with images, fabric, annotation, draping on the stand, designs, drawing inspiration
  • A3 Design book (this is the "scruffy book" for coming up with ideas)
  • A3 Final Design board: designs, techs done on Adobe Illustrator, fabric, inspiring imagery
  • A3 mood board: images that sum up the collection
  • Pattern folder: content page, labels, master pattens, final patterns, all in clear wallets
  • Toiles with linings and made to a high standard
  • Final garments in clear dress bag(s), labelled with name and course
As you can see, I have a lot to do and the earlier a start I get, the better. Oh, did I mention, the patterns have to be clever and push my limits? Pattern Magic will be coming off the bookshelf again. : )


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