Module 6: Journal Continues again

29th March 2014

Yesterday we worked at New Look in St. Stephan's Shopping Centre in Hull. I was a "model" which really means that I worked as a shop assistant while wearing the stock (with the tags on). : )  My trend was Tropical Surf. I think I did a good job of adapting the look to be "me". I suspect I'm not suited to a retail environment. It's fine except for the customers, (except that makes it boring), at least in Hull. I don't sound like a Hulldener and I don't think that goes down well.

30th March 2014

As Saturdays are now for my free-lace work I spent yesterday doing that, and today will be busy indeed. I have too much to do to get it all done today, but I'll try to:
  1. finish my dress
  2. print off some business cards
  3. begin my illustration
The dress will take the longest to do because it's mostly hand-sewing to do now.

[That night]
I really need to be more efficient. I haven't even finished embellishing the dress (I had to re-sew the sequins as the design was not symmetrical). Oh I have so much to do tomorrow. I have to improve my concentration/interest in this project -- quickly! I've been distracted with photography. It's taking over. I'll have to put everything in a drawer when I'm working. "Out of sight, out of mind." I'll have to put that to good use.
  • To do lists on the wall
  • Curtains over the bookshelves (calico will do)
  • Camera and Kindle in drawer
  • Plan each module with calendar.
My room feels cluttered, and I'm tired. I'm going to bed. (Written at ten to one the next morning.)

31st March 2014

During breakfast I'm trying some different illustration styles to be more diverse.

5:29 pm
I have done three more illustrations and will as Beth which she thinks is best tomorrow. I still have to finish my sketchbook. I hope I can get the hand of sketch-booking by the end of the course. Maybe I'm over-thinking this, but it is so non-verbal and ethereal that it's hard for me to grasp.

9:10 pm
Tonight I have the following to do:
  1. finish sketchbook
  2. design board
  3. print some business cards
  4. customer profile
I simply won't complete all the task, but I can at least do number 3 and some of number 1.

-- I did them all! : D

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