Stars Dress Toile

I forgot to mention in my previous posts that I have made a toile of the Stars Dress for the DiversityNOW! competition. Why is it called the "stars dress" you ask? When I was coming up with ideas (meaning standing in front of my long mirror pinning the dress I was wearing into different looks) the pins reminded me of stars, and I thought "stars are tiny, and people admire them for their beauty, just like petite, small-busted women" and I got my angle for the design. I'm going to make it in black or dark navy velvet (backed of course) and embellish it with beads. I also have to correct some issues with the pattern so I've got a lot to do. If I can't get it made in time, I'll just have to decorate and submit the toile.

Here are the photos:

The pockets pattern is quite similar to the one I used on my French Dart Shift Dress, but I had to include a sewn-on pocket facing to facilitate the extra width I put into the skirt part (that's why it sticks out with showing my hands in the pockets).

I figured out how to get a French dart sheath dress. It works best if you use the pivot technique for transferring darts. You just pivot on the bust point until the full waist dart is pointing towards the hip at the side seam. As long as the now-French dart doesn't end in a point at the seam, I think it should be alright. It's hard to tell how the fit would be if I hadn't added the pockets because the bias seams on the pocket facings and so on might have stretched during sewing. : )

(Yes, I'm not a natural in front of the camera but I'll have to improve quickly because I'm my own model (and probably photographer) for the photo-shoot.)

Here you can see a few issues with the fit. I think I'll lower the under bust shaping a little; it's rather unflattering like this, wouldn't you say?

The back neck somehow ended up way too high and I need to lower it by about 3-4cm.

The sleeves took a lot of paper-draping, but given the end result, I think I might as well have just used the original sleeve head and added a seam to get rid of the ease.

I want to add beads or sequins along the French Dart line and along the neckline. The French-dart ones will look like the tail of a shooting star. : )

I've also been working on my illustration. Here it is so far:

It's a combination of pencil, ProMarker, watercolour, and Photoshop. I like it anyway, even if it doesn't look like a professional did it.


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