Module 6 Journal Continues...

21st March 2014

Today we had a tutorial on sketchbook-making. I'm going to work on paper in future because  I can think better that way.
Sketchbook Method:

  1. Get images
  2. Plan "sketchbook" pages (lay out the images)
  3. Do scruffy work in design book
  4. Put best work and samples into "sketchbook".
If you're wondering why I put the work "sketchbook" in quotation marks, it's because Beth (our tutor) has quite a different idea of what a sketchbook is. I thought a sketchbook was a book you sketched in (crazy I know) but she has a whole different concept as explained in the numbered list above.

22nd March 2014

One feature of good design for a "short" person is that is works with their proportions instead of making them look squat.

"Petite: attractively small and dainty" OED

Also "small-busted" doesn't mean "no-busted". It's just a matter of dressage so thaw the "petite" bust is flattered not flattened. The figure is there, it's just subtler.

23rd March 2014

I spent much of yesterday working on my sketchbook plan. I'm not pleased with it, but I think knowing how to improve it will only come with practice. I'll just have to work with it because I haven't the time to be a perfectionist now. I'll get it digitised and completed today, and try to plan my photoshoot this evening. If I've time I also want to get the illustration done, but that might have to be tomorrow.

Little Star

In velvet black, in dead of night,
A single star shines its light,
And all the world who never saw,
Stare open-mouthed at beauty in awe.

The little star, she shines up high,
Not big or brash or loud but I
Can hear it softly, sweetly call,
"You're beautiful" to all who're small.

24th March 2014

Yesterday I did some sketches/design development for my sketchbook. I must get the rest done today. I find it most inspiring to work in a real sketchbook, rather than loose sheets of paper. I can still have the images separate (that's possibly better), but just work is better in a real book.

I need a way to binding my sketchbook. Something conceptual. Jewellery chain with diamond and star charms, or sequins. I can make the "look" whimsical and elegant if I alter the sequin pattern on the dress to be curlier. Maybe I can add some pictures like circles (which seemed to crop up quite a lot in the design book).

Reminds me of Arabian Nights

26th March 2014

Yesterday I made a plan of the next tow weeks and stuck it to my bedroom wall. I'll include it in my head-in so I don't have to write it here. Today and tomorrow will be spent in making the dress, and U want to get a couple of hours of sketch booking in too. for the sake of speed I'd rather hem by machine and as the dress will be backed I may be able to blind-hem by machine quite easily. I'll try a sample. If it doesn't work out very well, I'll hand-hem.

I wonder if I've any silver embroidery thread? If not I'll use gold. I want to print out a pattern envelope too. That won't take long.

[That evening at ten to nine].
I didn't get as much done as I wanted to do. I corrected the pattern (took ages somehow) and cut out most of the velvet pieces (one to go). Tomorrow I must finish cutting the fabric and at least begin making the dress. If they can do it on The Sewing Bee, I should be able to do it. : )

27th March 2014

Got most of the dress finished. Just hand-sewing to do now.



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