Module 6: First Toile and more Journal

After the last post I did several more pages of sketches. Here are the most important ones:

This is the one where I decided on a sweetheart neckline:

This one isn't really important, but I like the styles. I am aiming to have a design that looks womanly on a very slim figure. It's quite easily done without a padded bra and corset you know. : )

This is the final design:

The pattern took a bit of working out, which indicated (as usual) that I was over-complicating it. After this page I realised that all I had to do was give the pocket a sewn-on facing and slash and spread the outer one to match the slashing and spreading on the "skirt". Simple.

I still played with a few other design options, more inspired by Audrey Hepburn and by Jane Austen. The third one from the left is inspired by when I used to wear my t-shirts in different ways; this one is when I pulled the side seams to the front and pinned them. It's very flattering.

This is today's journal page so far. You won't be able to read my handwriting so I'll transcribe.

19th March 2014
Yesterday we got our grades from the last module. I was less than pleased. It seems my presentation was too long and verged on boring, and my sketchbook was presented entirely wrong. All this "paperwork" seems so vague to me. I need a process, an order. I need each kind of "paperwork" to have a purpose distinct from the others. How are they separate? How do they link? It's so confusing to me.

To Do This Week:

  • Sketchbook: 10 Pages
  • Samples
  • Sourcing
    • fabric
      • velvet
      • backing fabric
    • beads
  • Photo-shoot
  • Pattern corrections
  • Illustration
  • Design Journal
  • Evaluation
  • Complete research
Oh! It's so hard. Or at least it seems it to me. I'm technical and all this is right-brained. I need a method. How should my sketchbook be laid out? What is a sketchbook's (as opposed to a design development book) purpose? All this is so overwhelming! 

(Note to self: Do one thing at a time.)



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