Module 6: DiversityNOW!

Well, as it turned out, I couldn't use my idea for the competition. It has to be about body image. I think I'll do photography. I want to learn more about that anyway so I've spent today researching cameras (I'm looking at the Olympus Pen E-PL5) and finding out what my current model can do. It seems there is a lot to learn about even with a compact digital camera.

I think a great deal of photography is about lighting and reflecting, and about Photoshopping (ground-breaking, I know). I've taken a free course on Craftsy that is a great help to novices like me. I've found this guy and I'm considering getting that DVD. The question is: should I get that set, or will it be better in the long run just to get a better camera and learn how to use that?

Anyway, onto my "journal". This is copied from my written book. I hope I have been thoroughly inoffensive and I apologise now for any offence people may take, it isn't intended.

I think I can combine DiversityNOW! with my independent project by using the idea of out-sized children.

Maybe line up the Rugby players inc. "Smalley" (the shorter one) and have him wear something that says he's the best player.

5th March 2014

To begin with, I'm not really into this project. Diversity doesn't really interest me, especially as I'm not a "diverse" person. I suppose I could write an article telling why I and lots of other people sew (nothing in the shops) but that probably isn't right.

Here are my other options:
  1. Design something that makes a point.
  2. Film
  3. Brochure
  4. Photography and Styling
    1. Barbie and Plastic Surgeon
    2. Multi-cultured vs models
    3. Rugby players and Smalley
    4. Young girl and wrinkle cream
  5. Journalism
  6. Illustration
    1. Barbie
    2. Child beauty pageant
I have to make a point I believe in about diversity. I can play up the good things about being small, or small-busted.

What do people assume about small? Delicate? Child-like? Ankle-biter? Often small women are portrayed as being either nice and gentle or take-no-prisoners. We're make to feel small and inadequate. Physical size has a lot to do with authority but people are often leaders in spite of being small. Small children, Napoleon, The Queen. Size is only an issue if we focus on it. Complexes are made by contemplating things -- making mountains out of molehills as it were. They say good things come in small packages.

One of the contradictory things about modern society is that while the Government is concerned with rising obesity, the fashion market is pushing the idea that thin is out and "full-figured" is what makes you a "real woman". They're so concerned with not making large women feel bad that they forget about not making thin people feel bad.

I could do a video or something making the point that thin women are real women too.

Global ideals of beauty and a picture of someone trying to embody them all. A picture of the Venus De Milo made up of pictures of diverse people.

An aerial short of diverse people making the Venus...

10th March 2014

I'm enjoying photography. I think this could be another career option for me. I'm finding it quite interesting, all these technical terms and settings and adjustments, and lighting conditions. It's also quite satisfying to be able to make photographs that look professional.

One of my reasons for being interested in photography is that is makes you look more professional and helps your products sell better.

13th March 2014

Yesterday I looked at cameras in Curry's and it gave me more to think about. Then it turns out that there's an Olympus E-PL6 coming out soon. I think for now I'll make do with my camera.

I think I'll illustrate the Barbie at the Plastic Surgeon's scene. I wonder what media I should use? I suppose I ought to stretch myself and try different methods and media. I could try:
  • Promarker
  • Pencil crayons
  • Gouache
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • mixed media
  • photos with mixed media
Granted I already know how to use pencil crayons and gouache. I think I'll try a few different versions of the illustration. For guaranteed neatness I'll draw each component in the drawing separately and then combine them on Photoshop. I've already had a go at illustrating Barbie:

To get the right colours I used my DigitalColor Meter on my Mac on an image at the Barbie website. I had to make up the yellow for her hair though, or she'd have had nearly white hair. I also chose the red and the colour of her eyeshadow. In the illustration she's holding up an image (yet to be drawn) of how she would like to look (like normal people) because if Barbie were in our world, she'd feel as though she didn't look perfect. She would actually look really weird as a real person because of her proportions. Besides which she probably couldn't stand up with those tiny feet and ankles. And imagine the strain on her neck with her giant head! You may notice that this Barbie has the modern Barbie proportions: somewhat smaller bust, large protruding bottom, and strange posture (which you can't see very well because she's sat down).

That's my journal for this week (Friday to Friday). I'll get on with illustrating now. (No, this was not procrastinating; I have to write this journal as part of the module.)



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