Module 6 continued

Well, after I had done most of the illustration my tutor and I reviewed the competition brief and realised that I had totally gone off track. It was decided that I would do the Garment Design brief instead. That means I have three weeks to design and make a garment that matches this brief:

Garment Design: Your womenswear or menswear garment will be empathically constructed, finished and photographed on a diverse model. Your entry should be accompanied by a professional illustration, technical drawing and and explanation of how and why you came to your design.

So my to do list (not in this order):

  • design the dress (I'm doing a dress)
  • do the professional illustration
  • do the tech (this won't take long)
  • write about it
  • make the pattern
  • sew the dress from calico (never mind other fabrics, I have calico)
On with the journal:

14th March 2014

After getting most of my illustration done I checked the brief and realised that I had totally missed the mark. So I'm going to make a dress for a small-busted, petite woman (me) instead. By Tuesday I need the client brief and initial ideas. I can make the dress from calico and perhaps embellish it. It has to show the grace and beauty of a small-busted figure, especially a petite one.

In the photograph, I'll have to hold up a sign that makes my point. It could say something like:
  • Beauty is not a Bra Size
  • Pretty and Petite
  • Little and Lovely
  • Size isn't everything
  • Who says "bigger is better"?

15th March 2014

My journal entry for today:

I want to include some inspiration from Pattern Magic but I don't want to do something that makes the bust look bigger; that just furthers the idea that a bust ought to be bigger. I want to show that you can be beautiful without being b-cup or bigger. I have three routes to consider:
  • Vionnet
  • Fairies and Ballerinas
  • 1960s mod (Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn styles)
Maybe I could combine all three inspirations. For the Pattern Magic, maybe the interest should be on the back of the dress on on the skirt.

Now I'm working on a dress that looks like a butterfly in reference to a fairy...



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