FdA Fashion: Module 5 Historical and Contextual Studies

During "Reading Week" (the college and university name for half-term) I and my class went to London to see some exhibitions. We saw two out of three: The Isabella Blow Exhibition at Somerset House, and the Club to Catwalk '80s Fashion Exhibition at the V&A. Annoyingly, we weren't allowed to take photos at either and at Club to Catwalk we weren't even allowed to sketch! I think the reason for the ban on photography may have had something to do with their selling the Isabella Blow book for £40 and things like that. However, someone sneaking (whom I don't know) did take photographs and posted them on Pinterest so you can find them there like I have done if you like.

There are reasons for our going to these exhibitions. We had two tasks that week. The first is to get pictures for inspiration, and the second is to compare high fashion with high street fashion. You can see my Pinterest board for the first one here. The board for the second one is here. It's about the Trickle-down, Bubble-up Effect. If you don't know, the bubble-up effect is when fashion goes from the streets to designers, and the trickle-down effect is when it start with the designers and filters down to street-wear.

This is a module is still in progress and it's quite conceptual, and there's not much to blog about that you can't see on my Pinterest boards, so I'll leave this post here.



  1. I feel your pain. You are clearly a perfectionist. Dont beat yourself up; you've done an excellent job!!

    1. I guess your comment was meant to go on the jacket post -- it's on another one. : )

      Thank you very much. I just have to remember not to make the same mistakes twice. I'll get better with every project that way. The perfectionism makes me keep improving because the faults in my work "sting" so I don't make them twice.

      It's nice to know I have a regular reader and not just people surfing through Google. (Though of course they're nice too!)

  2. Thanks for the Pinterest hint. It pains me to be able to see the show, and this is a great gift. Naughty photo taking people! And no sketching at V&A? This had better not be a policy change.


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