Module 6: DiversityNOW! Project idea

Today I and some of the class were at New Look in St Stephens in Hull doing denim customisation to promote Bishop Burton College and while doing it we were talking (some of the time) about university work and our next project which is to make an entry for the DiversityNOW! competition. I'm not plus size so I'm not doing that. Going from all skinny models to all large models is not the way to go I and won't work with that. To me it seems like a playground tactic; large people were hurt by the ubiquitous size 4-8 models and the media is getting back at skinny people by implying they're unhealthy or, unlike the models at SimplyBe, they're not "real women". What are we - imaginary? Cheek.

Anyway, as I'm not doing that, I thought I might work with the sub-culture diversity idea and choose the subculture of people who simply don't buy clothes, or at least who don't buy new clothes. Personally I'm not a charity-shop shopper (partly because they take trade away from people who are trying to make a living and partly because I don't want second-hand clothes and things), but they can be good resources for up-cycling/customisation projects when you don't want to cut up your own clothes.

Now, I will have to run this idea past my tutor, but if I find out the name for this subculture I think I'll be able to do it and not look like I'm making it up. Here's where you all come in. I need your help to gather information.

1. What is this sub-culture called?

2. Do you make all your own clothes, or just some of them, and do you have rules like "buy only underwear and hosiery"?

3. Do you up-cycle your old clothes, your family's/friends' clothes, or clothes from (charity/op/goodwill) shops?

4. "Why" to questions 2 and 3?

5. Do you have a blog or Burdastyle account with your projects/writing? (Please include link).

You're help will be much appreciated, and besides which, it's interesting, don't you think? : ) I've also added this topic to the forum at BurdaStyle if you'd prefer to answer there.


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