Module 4: Fashion drawing and Illustration

Tuesday last week the class went to The Deep to begin our new module: Fashion Drawing and Illustration. By the end of the day (which really meant by the next Tuesday) each of us had to have designed a collection of 5 outfits based on what we'd seen at The Deep. Naturally, everything we saw was either a fish, a shell, or coral, and all of us liked the shells and coral best.

By the end of visit (which lasted until lunch) we all had some drawings and some photographs. The fashion sketches had to fit in with the theme, which means that they can't just look like ordinary people; they have to look "fishy". I daren't put any of my illustrations online yet because we have to submit our sketchbooks digitally as well as hard copy, and the computers will scan the Internet and think I've copied someone if they see my illustration anywhere. But for now, you can imagine the Grand Council-woman and Nani from Lilo and Stitch as underwater people and get a fair idea.

Anyway, I stayed up until the after 1am the night before university (it's really a University course, even if it is at Bishop Burton College because it's in collaboration with Hull University). It's a good thing I have an alarm clock!

I managed to get the work done: a sketchbook showing the development of the idea with various media and techniques used in the illustrations, plenty of annotations, and five final designs. I knew that presentation of my sketchbooks was my weak point, so I've tried to make it look more conceptual and professional this time. I've included a title page at the front (again I daren't tell you what the collection's called because the computer may think I've cheated) and a similar page that says "Final Designs" before the final designs. For the annotations I found a picture of a clam shell on Google, faded it on Photoshop (so worth £15.88 pcm) and used it as a background for my text. My font's match the theme too. I used Trajon Pro 3 for the titles and Baskerville for the body text. I wrote an evaluation too.

To really get my grades up (I will get into the universally elusive 90%s), I can do technical illustrations for each design, along with showing images that show where I got the ideas, with fabric samples, and annotations on the facing pages (which were blank anyway because they were slightly damp while I worked on the next paintings). So that's what I'll do. I think it might be a good idea to make scale patterns and put them in attached envelopes too, and maybe make mini versions of the garments with sewing instructions and spec sheets. That should get me those good grades. 😇

Yesterday we had to research illustrators and their styles. It has been suggested that I update my illustration style. I'm bored with vintage now anyway. There are some nice illustrations styles but there are some I simply will not do. If fashion is about aspiration why should anyone want to draw ugly men smoking wrinkled cigarettes while dressed as Disney princesses? Bizarre (not to mention just wrong and grotesque! I like the pretty drawings like these, these, and these (the last one's  website is in French). There is a lot of really ugly, weird fashion illustration online so you have to look in books to get much nice stuff, let along information. I couldn't find all the stuff from the book I was looking at at uni when I looked online just now.

We also played a game at uni yesterday. Our tutor got some pretty eye masks in so that we could do what I call "Blind Drawing". She described things and we had to draw them without being able to see what we were drawing. I guessed what each thing was. 😊 I think the point of this game was to get us to draw differently. Drawing left-handedly wouldn't have worked because I'm fairly good with my left hand.

With all of this, our main task for yesterday was to illustrate and do technical drawings for four of some garments our tutor had brought in and put on mannequins. I still have to do the tech for the jeans.

Today is Rachel's (one of the girls in my class) birthday, so yesterday I took some home-made muffins in, only to find that she had made some fairy cakes too! Somehow, only I and the tutors ate my cakes. Mum thinks it's because I didn't decorated them. Well, I'll jolly well decorate the ones for Christmas (which I'll take on Tuesday, our last day), and if they don't eat my cakes it's their loss. 😊

I must go for lunch now, but I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on drawing hands and feet because that seems to be the thing people have a lot of trouble with...


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