Module 3: Production Pattern Cutting + Free download!

This is a 10 week module and we're already half way through. We've got to the part where we make 1/4 scale patterns and do dart manipulation (two things which long-time readers will know I am quite used to). I looked in the tutor's file when I had finished the day's work shortly after lunch and noticed that whoever had done that file had done many more examples that we were required to do. If I do lots more examples I'll get a higher grade (and I'm aiming for the top band of 85-100%), so I found a download online of quarter-scale patterns to save time. I found one here, and added a sleeve and changed the side seam on the skirt to where I thought it ought to be.

I thought I'd share the new fifth-scale pattern with you. Here's the link (I just learned how to add downloadable files on Blogger!).

I think I'll add technical drawings to go with the patterns I make; that should get my grade up! I'm also adding a lot of the stuff from this blog to my file. I've already done the work, I might as well get graded on it! I'm going to do lots of things, like lingerie patterns, jeans, machine-tailoring patterns and anything else I can imagine and for which I have time.

I have something to look forward to in January 2015: the class is going to Paris! I've never been abroad before and going to France is on my mental Bucket List! I'm so looking forward to it!
My friends are intent on getting me drunk and in trouble if their teasing is anything to go by. It's only because I don't drink or do anything stupid (my idea of a fun evening is me and my radio and I sometimes have to wind down after doing my homework before I go to sleep.) They think I'm from another world. It's called "Economy and Sense". Oh, it's not that I wouldn't like to dress more glamorously -- and I intend to as I go along -- it's just that most of my sewing projects have actually been wearable toiles and I've looked at far too much vintage inspiration for my own good (fashionably speaking, of course). I am getting a nice make-up set for Christmas. : )

As a step towards my new more glamorous self, I've made a mood board for the style. Francesca in my class insisted she'd seen it before online. I told her I'd made it yesterday (two days ago now) and she still insisted she'd seen it on the Internet. Here it is:

I'm pretty pleased with it myself; it looks like the ones I've seen on other people's websites. It's only the second mood board I've finished. I suppose it's really more of a trend prediction board because there's no fabric or finished designs, and it's at the beginning of my new sketchbook. This sketchbook is just for me, not college. 

I've handed my sketchbook assignment in. We also had to make a portfolio with our mood boards, technicals, etc. and do an informal presentation for the class. Three of the girls have yet to do theirs; one was ill, another was on holiday for her sister's 18th birthday, and the other joined the class late and needed to catch up. So we'll see them do their presentations on Tuesday next week or the week after (we're going to The Deep on this coming Tuesday for our new module: illustration).

I think that will do for today; I've got Christmas jobs to look for! : )


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