RIP XR6600

Yes, my Brother XR6600 is no longer safe to use. The needle bar keeps slanting forward so the needle hits the stitchplate, snaps, and once hit me in the eye. Thankfully it was the needle end didn't go in my eye, but it was close enough to put me on alert.

So I'm back on the Toyota 21DES and my goodness doesn't it feel basic by comparison! If only I were a millionaire (come on Premium Bond!)! Then I could buy a Bernina. But sadly, employment itself if a dream at the moment. Sigh. (I have a job interview on Thursday, though, Here's hoping.)

While I am of course grateful to have a sewing machine at all, not being able to change the stitch width and length is like only being able to walk with steps that are so long. It feels very stunting.

One thing I have found on this machine is that it's foot pressure is greater than on the Brother (whose accessories I have saved. Thank goodness they both use the same bobbins!) I suppose this means that I can sew single layers of cotton without their sliding around, or my having to attach my Janome even-feed rotary foot.

Sewing's just not as fun when you have to go back to a basic sewing machine after you've good used to one with more features. Sigh...

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