I have nearly finished my blouse

I had to re-draft the collar - the first one was a disaster. It stuck up when it was supposed to lie flat. I don't know why. It didn't draft it as a standing collar.

My New Collar
Anyway, I also used sew-in interfacing with my second collar which I think helped a lot. As you can see, this collar is turning out quite well.

I drafted it using the instructions in Pattern-making for Fashion Design 5th Ed. by Helen Joseph Armstrong. I like that book for everything but the basic bodice and skirt. As far as blocks go, I find the ones in Metric Pattern-cutting for Women's wear 5th Ed. by Winifred Aldrich, chiefly because I don't have to measure the front and back separately and there is a table of measurements for parts I can't measure myself.

I am at the boring stage of sewing now -- removing the basting threads. It is taking days. You don't know how many times the thought has crossed my mind to just leave them in. But I'm making myself take them out, bit by bit.

Front View of My Blouse
Once I have done it, I can sew the buttonholes and buttons on. At the moment the blouse is just pinned closed. And no, I haven't pressed it yet as I ought to have done. But I will. I don't want the carbon paper's tracing lines to seal into the blouse, you see, so I'll have to be very careful when I do press it, going just where I want it pressing and perhaps pressing it again properly after I wash my blouse.

Back View of My Blouse
When I tried my blouse on before trimming the seam allowances and sewing the collar, it didn't seem to fit right. But I think it will fit quite well when I have finished.

I think I might have to add a self-lining for modesty's sake, but I'll wait to try it on first when I'm finished.

I may even make a patch pocket and embroider it with my initial by machine and flowers and things by hand. Of course I would use interfacing, and then line it with self fabric.

When I have finished my blouse I'll send a photo to my Auntie Dulcie -- I have to reply to her letter, and I'm waiting until I have finished my blouse. I hope I will finish soon because I don't want to keep her waiting too long!

Until next week, happy sewing!
Sabrina Wharton-Brown
The Sewing Corner

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