How to make a roll and whipped hem using your satin stitch foot

Did you know that you could do that? I found out while looking through the instruction book for another sewing machine. It's actually quite easy, and it's quick and neat. This is what it looks like on light weight wool.

As the title of this post suggests, you will need your Satin Stitch foot (which on my machine is foot N).

Put the fabric to be hemmed under your presser foot with the edge standing up between the plastic bit on the toes. I think I have it a little too "tall" on this photo, but I hope you get the idea. : )

Sew with a zigzag stitch about 1.4mm long and 3.5mm wide. If you would like a satin stitch hem, you can shorten the stitch length, but these are the automatic settings on my Brother XR6600 sewing machine so I just used them. : )

The hem may be a little uneven, especially at the start, but I don't think even hand rolled-and-whipped hems are perfect, and this way is a lot easier and quicker.

As far as fabric goes, it works best on fabrics like the one in my sample. You can also use it on fabrics like muslin. I think if you are using tricky sheer fabric like chiffon you ought to spray starch it first because it is very unreliable otherwise. I tried a roll-and-whip hem on some double georgette and it was okay for some of the hem, but it varied. It really does work out better on medium weight materials. NOTE: it's not much good on Chinese Brocade. I've tried.

Here is a video of my making a rolled-and-whipped hem on double-georgette:

When sewing flimsy fabric you have to hold it taut as you sew as I did in the video, otherwise your sewing machine won't feed the fabric through, and may even "eat" it. You can sew with tissue paper underneath when you sew just about anything but a roll-and-whipped hem, and that helps tremendously with the fabric feed, but tissue paper underneath doesn't seem to be much good with technique. (If you have any tips I would be glad if you shared them in a comment below!)

Isn't it great when you find out your sewing machine can do something you didn't know it could, and without buying anything extra?!

That will do for this week, I think.
Until next time, happy sewing!
Sabrina Wharton-Brown
The Sewing Corner, Hornsea

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