How to Make A Cushion-cover

Every so often you need new cushion-covers (pillow-covers) either because you've redecorated your living room, or because your old ones are looking their age. We need some new ones too, so I'm making some. I've opted not to use zips, because I don't want the pull to damage the new leather sofas. So they're going to close like pillowcases.

You will need:

  • 1 metre of fabric approx. 42" wide (that's what mine is)
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter and Mat
  • Ruler
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine or a lot of patience for hand-sewing

Step 1:

Remove the selvedges. From one layer of fabric, cut a 16" square. This will be the front of your cushion. This includes the seam allowances. Having your cushion cover a little smaller than your cushion fill will make your cushion "fatter".

Cut along the rest of the width, keeping at 16" deep.

Step 2:

Fold the wider fabric in half and cut along the fold, giving you two nearly square pieces. These will be the back of the cushion.

Step 3:

Hem the two back pieces along one raw 16" edge.

Step 4:

Place the front piece of your cushion cover face up on the table. Place on back piece face down on that, raw edges even, and the other back piece face down on that, raw edges even.

Step 5:

Sew all around the cushion with a 15mm (5/8") seam allowance, starting along on side and overlapping your stitches when you get to the beginning again.

Step 6:

Cut across the corners as shown to make the corners look better when you turn the cushion cover RS out.

Now turn the Cushion cover RS out and insert a cushion! (TIP: it is easier to put the cushion pad in if you do so at the same time as turning the cushion cover RS out.)

 This is the cushion cover turned RS out (I haven't made the cushion pad yet) along with the scissors I used to poke the corners into shape.
The is the back view.

And that's how you make a cushion cover/pillow cover.

Until next week, Happy Sewing!
Sabrina Wharton-Brown
The Sewing Corner


  1. All the steps were very simple and easy to grasp. Thank you so much for your best ideas.

  2. how do u make a seam

    1. To sew a seam you put the fabric pieces right sides together (nice sides together) with the edges matching, then sew on your sewing machine with the edge of the fabric lined up with the 15mm or 5/8" marking on your sewing machine's needle plate (the metal rectangle that you put your fabric on top of when you sew).

      Usually the stitch length will be about 2.5mm or 10 stitches per inch and the tension will be at 3 to 5.

      To be sure that the seam's stitches do not come loose when you have finished, sew 3-4 reverse stitches at the beginning and end of your seam. There will be a button or lever on your sewing machine that makes it sew in reverse.

      After you have sewn your seam, trim the loose thread ends, then press the seam flat (like you sewed it). Then press it open so that it looks like an open book.

      Now you can neaten it to prevent it's fraying. To do that, you sew a zigzag stitch along each raw edge of the seam, with the right hand side of the zigzag going slightly over the edge of the fabric.

      Now you can press again if you wish. And there you have a finished seam.

      I hope that helps! :)


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