"I Chose Threads Magazine..."

I chose it because it looked like it would be the best one for me in that it shows you how to get better results from your sewing. So I subscribed and shortly after got a letter saying that I had subscribed and that I would get my first issue in September. What? 3-4 months! I'm not having that! They've got the money now via PayPal, so I should have my magazine. An email later, the phone rang. It happened that they had one current issue left. Right. Anyway, I have my magazine now. I got it on Saturday, the 4th and promptly had it out of the wrapper.

The first thing I saw was the back cover which has something called Up Close in which they show you a puzzling-looking garment and direct you to the article inside that shows you how the pattern was made. This issue it was a 1940s evening dress with drapery around the front hips.

There was another interesting article, this one by Susan Khalje, about vintage sewing techniques: waist-stays, wrist zips on narrow sleeves, adding godets to an area without seams, and hand overcasting seams for a couture touch. How I do love vintage sewing! It makes garments look so much better. : )

Another good article raised a point that I hadn't noticed. When you Hong-Kong finish side seams in a skirt, the seam allowances can go all wavy and look very unsightly. But if you ease the seam allowance, you can avoid that and end up with a beautiful Hong-Kong seam!

There is a good one about Zero-Waste Sewing including an updated Viking Dress (no, really, Vikings) that wouldn't look out of place at a party or a wedding if it were made longer.

They were the most interesting articles for me, but there were some more articles that probably interest others more, like the one about a sewing event in Vancouver, Canada (given I live in Hornsea in Yorkshire it wasn't very relevent for me).

There is an article on using your overlocker/serger to make decorative flat lock seams. I don't have an overlocker (yet) but you can get a similar look on your sewing machine by using a blind-hem stitch, and then pulling the seam flat. You don't get as many "rungs" on the ladder as you would with an overlocker, but I suppose you could shorten the stitch length a bit or use a zigzag stitch to get more.

I wanted to take photos of inside the magazine, but I don't want to infringe on copyright laws. I'll just put the link to Threads here: http://www.taunton.com/threads/pages/th_currentissue.asp

I'd give the magazine about 6 or 7 out of 10 because while the articles that I like are good, there are also articles that are more like adverts for the patterns to me. The helpful articles are good opportunities to sample the writing of the authors before getting their books.

What do you think of Threads magazine? What are your favourite sections and why? Please leave your comments below. Maybe the editors will find this page and take notice to make it an even better magazine! : )

Until next time, happy sewing (and reading).
Sabrina Wharton-Brown
The Sewing Corner

P.S. How many of you subscribe to BurdaStyle magazine? Do you use many of the patterns?

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