Which Is Your Favourite Sewing Magazine?

The Internet is a wonderful thing for finding sewing information, but it isn't the same as finding your magazine in the post and spending every spare moment looking at it, is it? So, I am going to subscribe to a sewing magazine, but I'm having trouble picking one. Having narrowed it down to three (okay up to three, having added Sew Beautiful to the list), I am stuck. The options are Threads, SewStylish, and Sew Beautiful. They look like the best ones, based on the projects and the quality of the sewing. If I am going to improve, I want to see what really good sewing looks like!

I like sewing clothes more than home furnishings because I can use more of them. You only need so many cushions and curtains! I am interested in techniques, pattern drafting, notions and tools. I'm not averse to some home furnishings and quilting etc. but dressmaking is what interests me most.

I like SewStylish based on a special issue I bought last year: The Jacket Issue. Are the ordinary issues good? I haven't read Threads but it looks quite good. Sew Beautiful is marketed as a magazine for heirloom sewing and their projects are undeniably well made (which is quite rare as most projects in magazines are rushed for publishing, and they end up looking rather bad).

So I ask you all, which do you think is the best magazine? What do you like about them? Do you subscribe? Please leave your comments below and help me (and possibly other sewists) to choose.

When I have made my decision I'll let you know which magazine I chose.

Until next time, happy sewing!

Sabrina Wharton-Brown : )

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